Welcoming the New Year

For some, the New Year is welcomed with eagerness and optimism for a fresh start. The New Year holds the opportunity of re-invention, self-growth, and success.

“Three of my New Year’s resolutions for 2016 are to eat more vegetables, do my squats, and make sure I am open-minded and learning something new everyday,” senior Janae Barner said.


Junior Erika Flores is going to become more independent in the following year.

Barner was successful with her 2015 goals to avoid negativity and be a kinder person but gave up on her squat goals three months into the New Year.

The New Year can give a new found sense of determination to people that may have lost it in 2015. This determination is intended to make the most out of the year and award more prosperity and success than before.

“My main goal/resolution for 2016 is to get my money, as well as my mind, on the right track,” junior Erika Flores said. “2016 is a year closer to me really having to become independent and self-driven, so wish me the best of luck.”

Flores got through 2015 with no real set list of goals she wanted to accomplish, which is why she plans to dominate the New Year and make it hers.

The New Year can start off with a period of self-evaluation that pinpoints one’s faults that can be improved or fixed. Mistakes made in 2015 can turn into lessons and reminders to do and be better in the New Year.


Junior Elisha Cruz is seeking real friendship in the New Year.

“I learned that friendship is not something that is too common, at least not a real genuine one, and that the energy you give the world is the energy you receive,” junior Elisha Cruz said.

There isn’t a single person that doesn’t have room for self-improvement, and we all are working towards having another successful year.






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