Violinist plays solo with the Austin Symphony

After winning the Austin Symphony concerto competition, senior Dylan Feldpausch was able to play a solo with the Austin Symphony during its performance at McCallum Jan 22.

DSC_0050 copy“I was really exited,” Feldpausch said. “I had never really gotten to play with a professional orchestra before. Its kind of nerve racking.  I know a lot of people in the orchestra because they had been my teachers or coaches, and knowing everyone in the audience is sort of nerve-racking. It was a lot of fun. I mean, there is nothing quite like it.”

Four soloists were chosen by the Austin Symphony to play at different high schools in the Austin area.

Two composers were also chosen.

“In the fall there was a competition,” Feldpausch said. “There were two rounds, so you went up with your accompaniments to play for a few judges. Then they ask a few people back and you play again to decide whether or not you get to play.”

The competition was for students all over the central Texas region.

“It’s like a really big deal to get into the finals and be one of the selected competition winners,” fine arts coordinator Kalyse McEleeven said. “McCallum has had pretty frequent winners.”

Even though Feldpausch has been playing violin for nine years and knew people in the symphony before the concert, this was a new experience for him.

“I study with the concertmaster,” Feldpausch said “She is my teacher. I am coached by Molly, who also plays in the symphony, and I have done master classes with some of the other members, but I had never done anything like that with them.”

Orchestra teacher Georgeann Shockley is also a part of the Austin symphony. During the show at McCallum, Shockley was able to sit in the audience and enjoy the show.

“You know I’m a member of the Austin Symphony,” Shockley said, “so for me to sit out in the audience was really kind of neat.”

McElveen organized the show by sending messages to teachers and students so everyone could come to the performance.

“They [Dylan and the Symphony] performed in the MAC, and it was a packed house. We had a lot of students there and a lot of teachers who showed up,” McElveen said. “Our kids were a super-great audience, very quiet, very respectful. They seemed to really enjoy the concert, so it was good all the way around.”




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