“I thought this would be crispier,” and other things overheard during rat dissections

We tried to decide upon a top 10 quotes overheard during the rat dissection assignment in Mr. Whiz’s class, but we just couldn’t cut the list down to 10. So here they are … the top 12 things overheard while anatomy students dissected rats.

12.  “I thought this would be crispier.”


11.  “Forget it. Let’s just ignore the fact that it’s a dead rat and just cut it open already.”


10.  “Student A: “Look at that! Hahahaha!”

Student B: “You’re getting way too into this.”


9.  “Student: “Mr.Whiz, you just laugh when you pull the skin off.”

Whiz: “I just like watching the faces.”

Student: “The rat faces or the human faces?”

Whiz: “The rats are kind of expressionless.”


8.  “Student A: “Think you’ll ever look at rats the same?”

Student B: “I don’t really look at rats that often.”

Student A: “That’s true.”


7.  *sneezes* “I’m allergic to dead rat!”


6.  “It’s Ratatouille!”


5.  “I’m in the splash zone!”


4.  “Student A: “How is it?”

Student B: “Dead.”


3.  “Oh, there’s so much liquid in it.”


2.  “Doctor, I think the patient died.”


1.  “I got rat juice all over my pen.”

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