Students get in the spirit of Halloween

Students and teachers alike dressed up for Halloween this year.

“[I like] all the free candy and getting to dress up as whatever you want,” sophomore Mayona Hoopes said. “I dressed up as a woodland fairy.”

Students are allowed to dress up however they want as long as they follow dress code. Costumes ranged from a panda to a student dressed as English IV teacher Tom Watterson to zombies covered in blood.

“[Whether Halloween should be scary] depends on your age, honestly,” senior Damon Meredith said.  “When you’re a child, it should be really adorable, but when you’re a teenager, you get scared just for the thrill of it.”

Hoopes agreed with Meredith that as a teenager, being able to get scared adds to the fun of the holiday. However, for kids the main appeal is getting candy and the original stories have become lost.

“[Halloween] does have very interesting background stories,” Meredith said. “It has evolved quite a bit over the years, but it definitely has become a hallmark holiday, especially in America.”


Photos by Claire Sanford.

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