Student playlist: 11 featured favorite songs


“Elephant Gun” – Beirut

Hannah Wright, Sophomore

“It is a really happy song. It is one of those songs with a lot of instruments so it is really loud. It is nice to listen to when you just want to jam out. I usually listen to it when I am getting ready in the morning or when I am doing homework. I don’t listen to Beirut often; I have to be in the right mood to listen to it.”


“Black Hole Sun” – Sound Garden

Michelle Blackwell, Senior

“I listen to it because I have a dark soul.”


“Ready or Not” – Bridgit Mendler

Sarah Clark, Senior

“It makes me feel happy, and it makes me want to dance. I usually listen to it in the morning.”


“A Tap Dancer’s Dilemma” – Diablo Swing Orchestra

Clide Stefani, Sophomore

“It is a really cool band. They merge a lot of different types of music together, which makes it sound really neat.”


“She Will Be Free” – Josh Abbott Band

Jillian McDonald, Freshman

“The song is very empowering. I feel like I can do anything when I listen to this song. I listen to it on the bus ride back from football games because I am in marching band.  I also like ‘Dallas Love’ and ‘Small Town Families.’”


“Yamaha” – Delta Spirit

Hannah Rudy, Senior

“It doesn’t change a lot, so it is probably boring to most people. It is really laid back, and you can listen to it in whatever mood you are in. It can be really sad, but I can also be really happy. It is kind of an any time song. The only reason I found this song is because it is in the movie ‘Warm Bodies.’ It got stuck in my head one day and I thought it was really pretty, so I bought it. I usually listen to Disney music or One Direction.”


“Same Love” – Macklemore

Ben King, Freshman

“I usually listen to this song when I am trying to concentrate or when I am alone. I like most songs by Macklemore. I like how he adds the singing and rapping all in one song.“


“Starlight” – Muse

Charity Copland, Sophomore

“It’s been my favorite song since I was really little. And it is a song that means a lot to me because it is very sweet and kind. It’s a good song in general.”


“How Country Feels” – Randy Houser

Nancy Zepeda, Senior

“It makes me feel more country. I like country music a lot. I like that I can wear my boots when I go to country restaurants every Sunday after church.”


“Demons” – Imagine Dragons

Trey Smith, Junior

“I like it because it speaks to me because I went through a lot, but I don’t like talking to people about it.”


“Bohemian Rhapsody” – Queen

Ally Morales, Sophomore

“Queen is one of my favorite bands. Even though ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ is one of their most popular songs, I still like how it shifts in the style in each part of the song. It varies in every type of music I like.”

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