Student academic teams succeed at district UIL competition


Last Saturday, McCallum’s academic teams went to Travis High School to compete at the annual UIL district meet. The following students placed and will be traveling to San Antonio May 3 for the regional competition.

In Calculator,
1st place team:
Jayson Garcia placed 1st
Janie Contreras placed 2nd

In Number Sense,
2nd place team:
John Carse placed 3rd
Aidan Moyers placed 5th
Jake Janssen placed 6th

In Mathematics,
1st place team:
Seren Villwock placed 2nd
Madelyn Szilagyi-Jones placed 3rd
Cris Oliver and Sarah Maples placed 4th
Anastasia White placed 6th

In Literary Criticism,
Kalie Bramble placed 3rd

In Ready Writing,
Elisabetta Diorio placed 3rd
Terrie Soule placed 5th
Colin Youngblood placed 6th

In Spelling,
1st place team:
Colin Youngblood placed 1st
Augustin Rodriguez placed 3rd
Sage Foster-Lasser placed 5th

The journalism team placed 1st:

In Editorial Writing,
Caitlin Falk placed 1st
Grace Frye placed 2nd
Kendra Murphy placed 3rd

In Feature Writing,
Seren Villwock placed 1st
Grace Frye placed 3rd
Natalie Murphy placed 5th

In Headline Writing,
Grace Frye placed 1st
Haley Hegefeld placed 2nd
Mary Stites placed 5th

In News Writing,
Caitlin Falk placed 3rd
Mara Vandegrift placed 4th

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