Senior shares about dancing with Ballet Folklorico, Samba Knights

Q&A with senior Nancy Zepeda, dancer for Ballet Folklorico and Samba Knights

 photo 1The Shield: When do you rehearse for Samba Knights?

Nancy Zepeda: “We rehearse every Wednesday from 5-6:30 in the cafeteria. Mr. Ehlers teaches the steel drums, and the Austin Samba Academy teaches the dancers.”

S: What are some of your upcoming events?

NZ: “We had a winter performance in the cafeteria on Friday, and the performances are always free. During our performances, the audience always dances with us. You don’t have to dance, though.”

S: What do you do in the group?

NZ: “We practice and learn about the culture and history of Samba. Samba is a Brazilian dance that warriors and sailors used to dance to.”

S: Why did you decide to join?

NZ: “I joined it because I love to be involved in school and I love music. A teacher from Samba Academy came to my dance class one time and talked about the dance. I knew I wanted to join the club. It looked like so much fun; I fell in love with it.”

S: Why do you enjoy Samba Knights?

NZ: “It is a lot of fun because dancing the different forms of Brazilian dance is so interesting and different. Listening to the live music every rehearsal is like having a big party. We don’t listen to the music from the radio; we get it from the steal drums. They come to every rehearsal, and it is so much fun to watch them dance with us. It is also a great workout.”

S: Is the Samba dancing like Ballet Folkorico?

NZ: “It is sort of like Ballet Folkorico, except Samba club has live music whereas Ballet Folkorico has music from the radio. We also have different outfits.”

What do the outfits look like?

“We have skirts that come in many colors and feathers we wear on our head. I love the outfits we wear for our performances because of how easy it is to dance in.”

Why do you like Ballet Folkorico?

“I have been doing it for three years, and this year I am co-captain. I love going to the different events, schools and even universities. I love how we improve at every performance.”

What instruments are played at Samba rehearsals?

“They play steel drums, maracas, a cowbell and other instruments. The music they make is so beautiful and loud. The drummers get really crazy when they play. You can tell they really enjoy it.”

Can people still join?

“Yes. The club is all year long, and boys and girls can join. We currently have one boy in it, and he is a very macho man.”

Video clip: Samba Knights drummers and dancers enter the cafeteria during the Knights of Steel dessert concert last Friday, Dec. 13.

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