Q&A: Frasier for a year


The newest addition to the math department this year was Patrick Frasier. However, due to AISD leveling, Frasier’s time at McCallum was cut short and he will not return in the fall. As a teacher who previously taught at a private school, Frasier reflected on his experience at McCallum and shared his plans for the future.


The Shield: What did you enjoy most about teaching at McCallum?

Patrick Frasier: Mac is an interesting school. The students are so unique it’s refreshing, and because of that I have a lot of respect for them. I enjoyed how open-minded the students are. They make me hopeful for the future of the social climate in Austin and Texas as a whole. The artistic abilities blew my mind. I was amazed at how talented the kids were.

S: Did you accomplish everything you were hoping to during the year?

PF: I ended up facing a new set of challenges that I didn’t know existed, giving me resilience as a teacher. I failed because you have to meet students where they are instead of expecting them to get where you think they should be on their own. This is frustrating, and I learned that I am not good at it.


S: What was teaching at McCallum like compared to private school?

PF: In the private school environment, students are guaranteed motivated. Certain things are more lenient in public schools. Good kids seemed to have gotten away with more.


S: How did you deal with unmotivated students?

PF: When motivating some students, you can see the impact you had on them immediately. There are other students who don’t seem to be instantly influenced, and you can try hard to do so, but you don’t know if you’ll be relevant somewhere down the road. You just have to assume that you’ll be a part of their life story.


S: How do you feel discussing more than just math with your students has impacted them?

PF: When sharing, I specifically choose what to say and when to say it.  Discussing with the students is beneficial to their educations. It may not be common, but I’ve always done it. I want to share my perspective on humanity. This is my home and my mind, and I feel confident sharing that with my students who are honestly like my kids.


S: How was the math department here at McCallum?

PF: The math department here is awesome and easy to work with. In regards to my transfer, it was handled how it should’ve been. It was made obvious that nobody was happy with my leaving, so that was pretty cool.


S: How do you feel about your transfer?

PF: I wish I had the opportunity to work here longer and experience more of McCallum. Being out in the portables I didn’t get to experience more than my own classes. I taught a couple of team classes with Mr. Schueler for fun, and being inside the school was completely different than being isolated in the portables. I saw kids who were actually happy and who were motivated to learn. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance to work with some amazingly talented kids.


S: What are your plans now that you’ve been transferred?

PF: I just accepted an offer from Khabele, which is an independent/private school in downtown Austin. Even though I won’t be working at McCallum next year, I will continue to support the students and come to games and plays. I will be at Taco Shack, and you won’t see me walking around with an Anderson T-shirt on.

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