McCallum Youth Dance Company uses Language of Dance in show

The dance company presented “The Language of Dance” last week. The performers showed different types of dance as well as how they connected to each other. Their goal was to use “The Language of Dance” to add emotion to the show.

“[The show] was just an exploration of all the different types of dance,” senior Ryane Byrd said, “and how each of them connected.”

The “Language of Dance” is a notation that Tina Curran teaches at the University of Texas. “Language of Dance” helps dancers come up with choreography and refine their movement.

“It made me not take each thing as a step,” Byrd said. “It’s a movement that has to grow or expand.”

Guest choreographers worked with MAC’s Youth Dance Company, to help them learn new styles of dance.

“The guest choreographers really helped to give it more of a flavor,” sophomore Eliza Dahmen said, “and make it different.”

Out of all the dances, the most meaningful to Dahmen was the piece Cohen, one of the dancers, danced in. The piece was about people’s spiritual connection to the universe and everything’s connection to the universe.

“I felt I could really connect to it,” Dahmen said. “I could really relate it to stories in my life and give it personal meaning.”

Photos by Maya Coplin

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