McCallum staff and Garden Club celebrate the holidays with giving


Lettuce grown at school by the Garden Club was donated to a family the school supported for the holidays. Photo by Seren Villwock.

Before Thanksgiving break, the mother of a McCallum student contacted assistant principal, Larry Featherstone to ask if the faculty knew of anyone who could provide a Thanksgiving meal or food to serve her family for the holidays. Knowing this family had gone through many issues with money, Featherstone said the McCallum staff and faculty came to a decision.

“I sent a email out to the whole staff asking of any organizations that could help out this family,” Featherstone said. “A couple teachers replied back asking if McCallum could do it.”

The staff decided that to help the family get back on to it’s feet. McCallum adopted the family and supported them with a Thanksgiving feast. Featherstone told the faculty to drop off food and gifts to science teacher Sarah Noack.

“I printed out a list of things we would take,” Featherstone said. “At the end, we had four huge boxes of goods to deliver. We had two turkeys, canned goods, Jiffy Mix, seasonings. You name it. We also were able to give them an envelope with over $400 of gift cards and cash. McCallum staff succeeded exceedingly and abundantly to help this family.”

The Garden Club also helped the adopted family. English teachers, Diana Adamson and Flor Mota are the club’s sponsors. Sophomore Hannah McCheseney said the club gave a variety of grown treats.

“The Garden Club gave the family a basket of fresh vegetables,” McChesney said. “We gave radishes, romaine lettuce and different types of lettuce.”

After giving the family the gift, Garden Club students and McCallum faculty said they do not want to stop helping McCallum families who are in need. Featherstone said he wants to donate more.

Illustration by Bella Temple.

Illustration by Bella Temple.

“Not only did we bless them with a lot of food,”

Featherstone said. “We also blessed them with gift cards and cash. We want to adopt another family for Christmas break. I need to get the gift started and get folks thinking about it so they can buy more food when they are out shopping. Mrs. Somerville in the registrar’s office emailed me about a lady who is in a similar situation that our Thanksgiving family had.”

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