Mac Knights defeat the LBJ Jaguars in annual rivalry

The Knights took on long-time rival LBJ Jaguars on Thursday at House Park stadium, beating them 35-24.

McCallum prepared for the game with a pep rally featuring Pink Week activities and fundraising efforts for breast cancer awareness. Cheerleader Mariah Garza said the school was full of energy.

“Everyone was really happy the whole time,” Garza said. “It was really nice.”

The excitement continued as fans lined the stands to watch the game.

“It was really intense because LBJ scored the first touchdown and we thought we were going to lose,” senior Frana’zhea Ragan said, “but then we came back.”

Ragan said winning the game was the best part.

“It’s one of those things were everyone was really in to the game towards the end,” Ragan said, “and we made the last touchdown and won.”’


Read more about the Pink Week festivities leading up to the game here.

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