How the cookie crumbles


Junior Micah Sander’s favorite Girl Scout cookie is the Samoa. Von Rosenberg said this is the second best-selling cookie. Photos by Seren Villwock.

Girl Scouts sell at school

Junior Micah Sanders has been a Girl Scout for 12 years. Around this time every year, you can find her in the hallway carrying a bag of Girl Scout cookies. Selling to classmates is how she gets the majority of her sales.

“I sell about 10 boxes a day,” she said. “I bring a couple of each kind in a bag every day. [My troop] is going on a trip to Europe this summer. I’m just trying to sell as many as I possibly can. I’m almost done with this shipment of cookies and I’m getting another one next week.”

This year, the Girl Scout cookies are made in a different bakery.

thin mint

Thin Mints are the most popular cookie that both Sanders and Von Rosenberg sell.

“We dropped Lemonades and Thanks-a-Lots, and we added Savannah Smiles, which are lemon cookies covered in powdered sugar,” Sanders said.

The selling season in Austin is extended to early March. Another place to buy Girl Scout cookies at school is in the classroom of French teacher Melinda Von Rosenberg, who supports her daughter’s troop by selling cookies at school.

“The most popular cookie we sell is Thin Mints,” she said. “My favorite is Tagalongs because I love the peanut butter and chocolate, but I love them all. We’ve been standing outside restaurants and stores selling cookies for a good few weeks, and we’re almost done. We’ve decided to eat the rest.”

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