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Tennis team sells Jim-Jim’s Italian Ice to raise funds

DSC_0279 1The Jim-Jim’s sale is a fundraiser for the tennis team, and is taking place after school on Thursdays and Fridays in May.

“It’s been going really well,” team captain Kyle Teseny said. “We’ve sold out every day.”

The money from the sale is mainly going to help the team have a nice area to practice.

“We’re hoping to raise money for the courts,” Teseny said. “We want to get new wind netting, fix up the benches and our back wall, and just raise money for future years of tennis.”

Teseny said he hopes the fundraiser will raise awareness of the tennis team.

“I hope that as people come out and see that we have a tennis team, more people will want to join,” he said. “We have tryouts this month, after school on B-days. I hope more people will come out and see our team and they’ll come join.”

DSC_0280 1

Teseny said the team will be different next year.

“We’re losing a big crop of seniors,” Teseny said, “so the team is going to be small. I hope, though, that we’re going to get a lot more freshmen or other students joining, so it’ll be like a renewed thing where we have a lot of beginners, and we’ll have them for future years. It’ll definitely still be fun, though.”

The Jim-Jim’s fundraiser is in the Fine Arts courtyard. Snowcones are $2 and feature the strawberry lemonade and mango flavors.

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