All about the music but perks are nice, too

When it comes to guitar, sophomore Krell is committed for life

Sophomore Matilda Krell came to McCallum in order to be the best guitar player she could be. 

“I’ve been playing guitar for nine years.” Krell said. “It’s really satisfying to work on a piece for a long time and finally be able to play it well.”

While she has found exactly what she expected in the academy, she has also discovered that there are social benefits–people she would otherwise never have met and places she has only seen because she is a Fine Arts Academy classical guitar major.

“[The trips are] really fun because they’re a good bonding experience and we get to play for people we normally wouldn’t play for, which is cool,” Krell said.

Matilda also has met many new people that she wouldn’t know if it weren’t for guitar. One of Matilda’s favorite parts of the guitar program are the trips that the program takes throughout the year.

The Chamber guitar program takes regular trips to places around Texas like Arlington and places around the Hill Country, with an annual trip to places like Boston, New Orleans and California. This year the program traveled to Boston during a weekend in April to play for the Berklee school of music and see the city of Boston.

“I really enjoyed the sightseeing portion of the Boston trip,” Krell said. “I loved Fenway Park and the Freedom Trail tour we took with the rest of the group.” Krell said.

Krell’s guitar experience has put her in the Fine Arts Academy for the instrument, and has given her many new experiences within the program. “I wouldn’t have gone to Boston or the places in Texas had it not been for guitar. It’s a really cool program; we get to travel a lot for the group.” Krell said.

Krell plans on staying in guitar for the rest of her high school career, and plans on continuing to play the instrument for the rest of her life.

“I love the instrument a lot, and I want to continue my love for the instrument for the foreseeable future.” Krell said.

Photos by Rylie Jones.

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